Peanut Butter Party Ball

As we were walking among the apple trees this past Sunday, Squishy was eating a Nutter Butter cookie and said “Mom try dis!”. I took a bite of cookie and I guess I had that look, because the Mr said “Oh, you’ve got that look.”… Apparently I have a ‘recipe brewing’ look. I passed Squishy an apple for a bite and he got the look too!

This recipe is so easy, only 4 ingredients! It comes together in minutes, it’s a total crowd pleaser and would be great for a fall party! Football parties, Halloween gatherings, thanksgiving snacks… Or even just an easy play date treat. And if you have a bigger crowd, it’s so easy to double or even triple!


~ Peanut Butter Party Ball ~
1/2 Cup creamy peanut butter
2 oz Neufchâtel cheese*
1/2 tbs honey
3 peanut butter sandwich cookies

*the American Neufchâtel that is sold next to the cream cheese. It’s lower fat than cream cheese, has a milder flavor and mixes a bit easier.

Pulse cookies in the food processor until fine. If you don’t have a food processor, place them in a plastic zip top bag and roll them with a rolling pin until crushed. Set as aide on a piece of waxed paper.
Cream together the peanut butter, Neufchâtel cheese and honey. It will be firm enough to handle, but not too sticky. Roll it into a ball and place onto the crumbs on the waxed paper. Roll the ball into the crumbs until the ball is well covered.
Serve with the extra crumbs and apple slices and a couple cookies that didn’t get crumbed up. They give a good hint to what to expect. This would be good with pear and pretzels too!

Squishy says “I luff dis so much! I could eat it all da time…”

I hope you enjoy my delicious and insanely easy peanut butter party ball soon! Have a great weekend!

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