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First Craft Show!

We did it! This past weekend the Mr and I did our first craft show! So if you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been posting here, well my fingers have been terribly busy. “You’ve never done a craft show? What about feltidermy?” Nope, I’ve never done a show. With feltidermy and plush I couldn’t keep enough back stock in my inventory to do a show… I know, not a bad problem to have. And once Squishy arrived I didn’t have time to sit and stitch. Also, not a bad problem to have, except not having time to make stuff. But this fall an idea hit me and I had to start making! And making, and making, and making… My brother and his wife, Savage Inspirations, make furniture and wood decor items.

They were going to be doing a show in our hometown and said “Why don’t you come put a few things in our booth?” Then I kept making and making and then the Mr started making and idea he had… Then we realized that we had better just get our own booth.
I needed displays! I found a couple old mirror/painting frames at the flea market. For a total of $9! I knew I had chicken wire at home and had already planned to pick up burlap on my way home.

I have to thank my parents for the rest of our props. They had the perfect skinny Christmas tree in the garage and dad found the most awesome ladder for my wreaths!

It was fun to see what was popular with shoppers. Squishy got to hang out with my parents and a couple cousins for the day and I got to spend time with my husband, brother and sister-in-law. I also got to see a few old friends that I haven’t seen in way too long! Another bonus was all going over to my sister’s house for pizza later. Hanging out with family, loving on my great-niece and laughing ’til I cried. Apparently I need to get my eyes checked. And I got to see the wreath my sister bought hanging on her fireplace!

Mom bought a wreath too! Isn’t it cute on her vintage red door?!

We haven’t made any plans to do more shows yet, though there is one possibility in a month. We know we came into this late for the holiday season. I’m just glad to say that our 1st show was a success and not as scary as my mind had worked it up to be. Right now I’m looking into the possibility of shipping wreaths so that I have the Mr build us an online shop right here! Wouldn’t that be fun?!
Thanks for stopping by. There seems to be some glittery stuff falling from the sky as I look out the window. Yikes, snow already! I hope you have a pretty day wherever you are.

Are you Etsy?


First of all, I listed a new Reindeer Feltidermy yesterday…

After doing that, I was so excited to go into a local holiday show and find a room full of Etsians! It is so surreal to meet people, that you talk to everyday online, in real life. I was so overwhelmed with the kindness of all and the beautiful wares!

I purchased the most beautiful pair of fingerless gloves from amuse! I am so in love with these gloves, if you can be in love with gloves…Well, I am anyway. Alpaca wool gorgeousness!


Right next to them was the rockin’ sweet lowleepop. We found the perfect bib for a friends baby that will be arriving in the next few months. How cute is this for a baby boy of a mom who loves to rock it out now and then?


Being a soap addict, I couldn’t resist finally making a purchase from Morgan Street ! Pecan pie gift soaps and a lily of the valley. The pecan pie soaps will be included in Christmas gifts, but I think I have to keep the lily of the valley for myself. It is my favorite flower!


I just don’t have enough time today to talk about all of the wonderful Etsians that I met. I will have to save the other half for tomorrow…

I do want to finish today with go monkey designs who had organized the show. She is so sweet and her wares are too wonderful! From wallets and wristlets to clothing, everything is so great! I especially love the little unisex french pants! So cute!


Enjoy the rest of your weekend! And remember, if you see a holiday show going on it your area..It just may be a room full of Etsy artists!