Thomas the Tank Engine Costume

Halloween costume success!

Who wouldn’t want to see a face this happy over a costume?
Squishy said he wanted to be Thomas for Halloween this year. I was sort of expecting that, it’s Thomas everything around here lately. He has always dressed up for Halloween, even if the 1st year was just for some photos. We’ve already gone the engineer route, for his 2nd Halloween, so why not a Thomas the Tank Engine costume?

I gathered boxes, from diaper to oatmeal for the past month or so and gathered up every color of duct tape we might need. Yesterday I finally decided to tackle it. I could’ve waited a week, but with my luck it would’ve ended up taking 3 days, not 1.

I know I should’ve taken more process shots to share… Squishy decided he was ready to start using the potty this week, so yeah… Potty training and building a Thomas costume means photos sometimes get forgotten.
Above you can see the boxes I used and how I configured them.
1 large target diaper box for the body, an amazon box for the cab,
another amazon box for the front,
an oatmeal canister for the steam tank and wheel wells and a toilet paper roll for the funnel. After I got the basic pieces stuck on I went to town with duct tape in the basic Thomas colors. He was most excited when I added the yellow #1. For the finishing touch we printed Thomas’s face from an image the Mr found online. Our shoulder straps still need some adjusting. That may take a few days to get just right.

This face makes it all worth it!
Oh and just think, if you had a few kiddos to dress up you could make James, Percy or any other engine friends too!

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